Martin Ranger Photographer is a professional photography company with operations found on the Greek island of Thira, more commonly known today as Santorini, in the southern Aegean Sea.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Martin completed his education in Canada with an Honours in photography, post computer mngt  He began his professional career shooting corporate & editorial assignments for International Business Machines, General Motors and other Fortune 500 clients.

After his initial visit to Santorini in 1983 and years of extensive travel including country-wide photography assignments throughout Norway and Sweden, Martin moved to Santorini in 1990.

Since his first transatlantic trip, at the age of three, Martin has been hooked on travel and photography no matter the destination or the mode of transport. Whether shooting from the back of Tuk tuks and camels throughout India and Sri Lanka, kayaks and canoes up, down and across the Americas, traditional Longtail boats in the Andaman islands or rickety old buses over the Atlas Mountains,

Martin’s curious desire to see and experience what’s around the corner has always embraced both the destination and the journey and even more so today he lives by his motto... See... don't look!



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