21 Sep 2016   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Maria Shabanov 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: My friend and I selected this tour to maximize our time and see as many places/villages of the island as possible in a short period of time. Martin was very knowledgeable, knew how to avoid the cruise ship crowds, and was very flexible with the timing of the tour. We asked to start the tour at 7 to catch the sunrise and he gladly agreed. He also took us to some quaint corners of the island we could not have found without him. The coffee shop he took us to was a truly authentic experience.

13 Sep 2016   Santorini Cruise, Greece   Sherry Sakamoto​, Star' Rating *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin is very knowledgeable about Santorini and provides a very laid-back, unrushed insiders view of the island. We were a group of 4 with one member experiencing walking limitations and Martin was always very helpful. Plus with his photography background he can steer you towards some of the best shots of the island (and I'm by no means a photographer but I was impressed by the pictures I captured on my IPhone!)

 4 Sep 2016   Cycladic Island, Greece  Joni Renard 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Wonderful tour of the island, he accommodated our wants and needs as 3 women loving to shop ! As we toured he was always willing to stop, eat and shop whenever we wanted ! Open top touring is the only way to do Santorini... wonderful memories of all the places we were taken.

 3 Sep 2016   Sail Santorini, Greece   Joni Renard, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin was excellent, knowledgeable, and fun to be with during our tour of Santorini. Our tour was disrupted by bad weather conditions, but he changed the tour to fit our needs and had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Martin !!

10 Aug 2016   Santorini Photography, Greece  Randall Sherman, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: This was a third time in Santorini, and by far the best tour! Martin's knowledge of the island currently and its history is expansive. As a bonus, his knowledge of photography is outstanding and he took us to many amazing viewpoints that we had never seen before. All in all, a great day of sightseeing and photography. Thank you Martin! Thank you

10 Jul 2016   Santorini Photography, Greece  Lynn Smith, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful photography tour with Martin in Santorini. It was a beautiful day and we drove across the whole island where Martin would stop at great scenic views to give us the best setting for our photographs. We have some wonderful pictures from that day.

8 Jun 2016   Santorini Photography, Greece  Lorraine Hilderman, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Had a great day in Santorini with Martin. Was able to see the island and avoid a lot of the tourist traffic. He knows the island well and it's history. Would recommend taking a tour with Martin to anyone.

13 Jun 2016   Santorini Gastronomy, Greece  Miguel Ariza, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: We selected Martin for our tour guide during our day trip to santorini. Hands down best decision we ever made. Highly recommend his gastronomic tour! We enjoyed some of the most amazing local wine and dined by the sea at this amazing seafood restaurant. Most fresh and delicious food ever. Martin was very knowledgeable and assisted us with getting excellent pictures given his professional photo background! A great way to see santorini by car

8 Jun 2016   Cycladic Island, Greece  Sarah Booker, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: We had a fantastic day on Santorini with Martin! We saw so much, took some amazing photographs, and had an A+ time! It was a highlight of our entire trip to Italy and Greece! Thank you for the tips on using my polarizing filter, and the other photography tips obviously including the amazing photo op stops!!! It made the day even better! HIGHLY recommend spending a day with Martin! If we had the time, I would have added a few more hours as it went by much too quickly!

6 Oct 2015   Santoríni Cruise, Greece  Denise Hilsher, Star' Rating *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: One of the best private tours I have experienced


21 Sep 2015   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece  Carol Smith, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin in Santorini was our tour guide on September 21, 2015. His tour of the island was excellent for the five of us. The tour stated 4 hours but our tour was 6 hours. He was very informative


4 Sep 2015   Santorini Cruise, Greece  Sherry Wade, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin gave us a great tour of the entire island allowing us to go at our own pace and enjoy the many panoramic views. He also took us on a walk through a very quiet village and showed us other unique sites. At our request we ended the tour at a seaside cafe away from the larger tourist spots and our meal was memorable


29 Aug 2015   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece  Frank Barnako, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Strongest possible recommendation for Martin Ranger, an ex-pat British/ Canadian who's lived on Santorini on & off for 20+ years. We asked Martin for a Photography-focused tour of the beautiful island. He delivered a day-long adventure, highlighted by a local's insight, humor, and color. His familiarity with 'the territory" put us in position to bring home our own startling images of whitewashed buildings and brilliant blue domes. Martin is smart, savvy, helpful, considerate and ... a great photographer. Book him


21 Aug 2015   Santorini Cruise, Greece  Donald Death, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: A great day on Santorini. Martin gave us a wonderful day and we ended the day committed to returning. Thanks


18 Aug 2015   Santorini Cruise, Greece  Gary Konopka, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin's super knowledge of Santorini was fantastic. We saw all the sites worth seeing and then got to see areas you would not normally get to. Martin was probably the most professional and knowledgeable guide we have ever encountered. Use him - you will not be disappointed


5 Aug 2015   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece  Robert Chernitsky, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Our photo tour of Santorini with Martin was Fantastic! Martin contacted us before the tour to learn the kit we were bringing and what we wanted to see. He took us all around the island to capture the best scenes for our Photos. My daughter is building a portfolio for her Photo Club in HS. Martin helped her to compose the shots and guided her on settings, etc. The non-photographers in the family also enjoyed the tour. We saw places that we would have never found without Martin's help


30 Jul 2015   Santorini Cruise, Greece  Josella Fenech, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Santorini is simply beautiful. Martin took us for a tour of Thira and then drove us to Prophet Elias mountain. Went to the Red Beach and swam in the clear sea with the beautiful background of the red volcano. Oia was truly enchanting and could have spent a whole afternoon admiring the view with the white dazzling houses and the blue domed churches. Martin took some nice photos for us to capture this magical day. Excellent guide


14 Jul 2015   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Allen Kettle, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin was great to work with and exceeded our expectations. He was very knowledgeable and was very attentive to our needs. There were 4 in our travel party and Martin made sure we each of us was having an enjoyable tour. When he spoke he called us by our names, very impressive. I would recommend Martin and would use him again in the future


30 Jun 2015   Santorini Cruise, Greece   Markus Lombardozzi, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: What a fantastic experience of Santorini. Whilst there where 5 cruise ships in for the day we sat a local cafe with nobody passing for hours and seeing an old castle. He is extremely knowledgable and very accommodating. What a fantastic time. Thank you


8 Jun 2015   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Ross Ginsberg, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Our guide was prompt pleasant knowledgeable took us to the best places to take our photos spend extra time with us and I couldn't say enough good things about him


4 Jun 2015   Santorini Photography Tour,  Greece   Alvin Nicolo, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Santorini is a beautiful place and this tour is a great way to see it. Martin is very professional and interesting. My wife is a semi-professional photographer and Martin was able to offer professional tips to help her better understand some technical aspects of her camera. Martin knows the island exceptionally well and can take visitors to beautiful, less travelled places. Santorini is somewhat difficult to get to for someone in a wheelchair (like myself) but Martin was very helpful-great tour


2 Jun 2015   Santorini Cruise, Greece   Karen Larsen, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Awesome! Martin's tour of Santorini was one of the highlights of our trip. His communication, patience, timing, flexibility and knowledge were perfect and Martin made sure we saw everything possible in our time there. Oia, Fira, Red Sand Beach, smaller villages,stunning photo opportunities, a relaxing cappuccino overlooking the blue domes, then later small bites and wine by the water.Fabulous. Martin knew his way around the crowds and the traffic benefitting our schedule. Great day and a great guide!


28 May 2015   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Brian Sharoff, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin is a very knowledgeable photographer and guide. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with him


29 Apr 2015   Santorini Photography Tour,  Greece   Victoria Beatles, 'Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: The rating is limited to 5 stars but Martin was really off the chart. We had a wonderful experience with Martin. He was full of rich history of the island, he was a skilled driver. Always mindful of our time together and wanting to make the most memorable experience.


23 Jun 2014   Cycladic Island Open top, Greece   Hilary Simmons, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: It was a wonderful tour! I was very uncertain about how many of us there might be and what day we might be there, but Martin answered all my questions, was flexible with what I wanted to do! It was an excellent tour! Thanks again for everything Martin!


15 Jun 2014   Santorini Photography Tour,  Greece   Frances Betts, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin was very flexible and accommodating - He also went to the special effort of getting an open top car which made the drive much more fun. He took us to non-tourist places which were fabulous. We actually did not hire him for photography but to take us around the island. His knowledge of the history is excellent. I would highly recommend him.


1 Jun 2014   Santorini Photography Tour,  Greece,  Cynthia Withrow, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: We spent a wonderful day in Santorini with Martin Ranger. He was cheerful, knowledgeable, and took us all over the island to gorgeous scenic spots we could have never found on our own. He had lots of interesting facts and stories to share. Having Martin as our guide allowed us to get the very most out of our limited time on the island. His expertise in photography was very helpful. We highly recommend him and thought that the cost was absolutely worth it


25 May 2014   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Judith (Judy) Burnham, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin, the trip around your beautiful Santorini was extraordinary. Thank you for everything. We all thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and we all hope to come back before Brad & I get too tottery and old!


16 Oct 2013   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   June Reynolds, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin did a great job on this trip. He took us to wonderful spots to photograph. He was very helpful on camera settings. We highly recommend this trip. June


2 Oct 2013   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Robert Schmidt, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: A great opportunity to see and photograph the island in the care of a real pro! Thanks, Martin!


6 Sep 2013   Santorini Cruise, Greece   Michael Weaver, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: Martin met us and gave us a thorough tour of the side of Santorini that many don't have the privilege of seeing, including those on cruise line tours! We saw far more in four hours than many would see in eight hours or more! I would HIGHLY recommend him!


17 Sep 2012   Santorini Photography Tour, Greece   Aaron Kampfe, Star' Rating: *****

TRAVELER PUBLIC COMMENT: I can't say enough about how great Martin was with my group! Not only did we see the "must see" places of Santorini, but he showed us many out of the way spots that only a local can know. Martin's personality was perfect for my group and I would recommend him in an instant. I would rate our experience a 4.75/5. The only down side was that we could have used a larger vehicle for the tour






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